Smart Motor Controllers

Soft Starters

Reap the benefits of high productivity on your plant floor with the SMCTM Soft Starters.

SMCTM – 3 Compact

Compact design provides true three-phase control, increased intelligence and unmatched performance.
Motor and system diagnostics and an electronic overload with adjustable trip class reduce downtime and protect valuable assets.


  • Compact footprint
  • Easy and secure setup
  • Integrated bypass
  • Five Start/Stop modes
  • No communications

SMCTM Flex Modular

Modular design features advanced intelligence, performance and diagnostics; communications flexibility; a removable control module, power modules and fan assembly in a cost-effective package for your demanding production applications.


  • Modular for installation and maintenance
  • Built-in LCD and keypad
  • Integrated bypass
  • Nine Start/Stop modes and up to three slow-speed modes
  • Full metering and diagnostics
  • Communication capable

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